Unit 46 Level 3 (Upper Intermediate - Advanced) So & Such

Welcome to another issue of our free weekly course. This time, we are going to review the use of two expressions which we use to emphasize qualities and characteristics: “so” and “such”.

1) Sometimes these expressions can be a bit confusing. Sure this video will make things clearer.

2) This is such a complete tutorial … Pay attention to the examples and don’t forget to do this exercise.

3) How are you doing so far? Now, translate these sentences into English.

a) Nunca he visto a un ejecutivo tan llorica.

b) La película era tan controvertida que sus guionistas se vieron obligados a escribir un final alternativo.

c) Realmente no creo que sea necesario demostrar por qué es tan importante que sigan trabajando en este proyecto.

d) A lo largo de la historia de la ciencia, tales errores han sido extremadamente provechosos.

e) Hay momentos en los que sufro hasta tal punto que siento que le odio.

4) Listening plays such an important role in the process of learning a foreign language that it is imperative to practice every single day. Let’s do it!

Exercise 1 (click on “expert”)

Exercise 2

5) Where is your language exchange? If you don’t have one yet, why don’t you try Verbling?

If you do, use the examples from the sentences in #2 and #3 as topics for a conversation.

6) Let’s learn some new vocabulary. Extract all the words you don't know from this article from the news reporting website The Daily Beast titled “Don’t worry about Apple”. Look the new words up in an English-English dictionary like this one.

7) Listen and read this story. You should learn all the vocabulary and practice pronunciation. And, for the most daring, read this article from Forbes.

8) Finally, write a story of about 200/250 words using the expressions we have reviewed in this unit. You can use examples from the exercises above.

How many activities have you done? All of them? Congratulations! You have just got 10 points.


Key to exercise 3:

a) I’ve never seen such a cry-baby executive.

b) The film was so controversial that its screenwriters were forced to write an alternative ending.

c) I do not really think it is necessary to show why it is so important that they keep on working on that project.

d) Throughout the history of science,such mistakes have been extremely fruitful.

e) There are times when I suffer to such an extent that I feel I hate him.

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Luffy dijo...

Hi Monica =), first of all thank you so much for all of your efforts =D

I was wondering if "screenwriters felt compelled to write" could also have been correct in that sentence

thanks in advance =D

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