Write Spanish and English more proficiently

Following the suggestion one of our visitors ("English Learner", that's his nickname)I have made the decision to create a new section in order to learn to write more proficiently in English (and in Spanish too, why not?)

The section's purpose is that English and Spanish speakers correct each other.

Let's define some basic rules to avoid bad working errors:

The five rules:

1) Any Spanish speaker can post English texts in order to be corrected by a native or proficient English speaker.

2) Any English speaker can post Spanish texts in order to be corrected by a native or proficient Spanish speaker.

3) The maximun length of texts shouldn't be longer than DIN A-4

4) Any person who has received help with their writing must correct, at least, one text from another person within a week.

5) It should be understood that any ofensive text will be removed immediately. This forum is intended to be a tool for the use of anyone who wants to improve their written Spanish and English skills. It can be useful, for example, to write a letter for a friend or to write your resume (CV) in a different language.

Any suggestions will be welcomed. Please refer to it at the comments section.

Important hint: Since "El blog para aprender inglés" is visited mostly by Spanish speakers, we are in need of more English speakers, so I ask for your
help: if someone out there knows of any English speakers who are interested in this subject-matter, please encourage them to join. That way we'll work
together and our English speakers'search will be more effective.

Please, don't make me do all the work because I'm fed up.

Actually, I've been searching for an English speaking volunteer and I found one. It's A-dawg. He's a regular website's visitor and is willing to correct English texts. In return, some of us will correct some Spanish text from him. A thousand thanks A-dawg.
Please, visit his blog at "The Sonar Bison Project"

Click here to go to the forum and start writing in Spanish; a Spanish speaking volunteer would correct your text. Please, make sure you also contribute correcting English texts.

Mónica, August 2007

I would like to thank Trilcejf for translating the original Spanish text into English, Colleen, Lidia and Abristolperson for their corrections.

Any improvements on this translation are welcome. Imprimir

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