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China: Red Capitalism 14-01-2010

Nivel: Intermedio-alto y Avanzado

Vea el video y conteste a las preguntas. Una entrevista con el autor del libro “Red Capitalism” Fraser Howie, en la que el autor explica las oportunidades y peligros que la economía China debe afrontar a medio plazo.

Listening Questions

1. As China reforms its state-run companies, what are the biggest changes we are likely to see? (0:27)

2. Was private sector growth planned? (0:49)

3. Who are not very good allocators of capital? (1:25)

4. What was thought about Japan 20 years ago? (1:45)

5. What did China do after the global economic crisis started in 2008? (2:38)

6. Will there be a big problem of non-performing loans (préstamos en peligro de no recuperarse) in China in 2011? (3:07)

7. What effect will the bad loans have on the economy? (3:35)

8. What is the “Big Red Flag” (el peligro) that investors should be aware of in China? (3:58)



1. The domination of the state will continue. Private sector growth was a secondary event.

2. No it wasn’t planned, it was a secondary event.

3. The State (The Government).

4. That Japan was going to take over the world with Japanese bureaucrats managing this (and managing capital efficiently).

5. Chinese banks started lending a lot of money (gave a lot of loans) to keep growth going.

6. No, but maybe after 2012.

7. They will slow economic growth in the future.

8. Don’t believe a lot of the headlines and propaganda. There is too much focus on output and not on the inputs needed to achieve that output.


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