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Creative Capitalism – Bill Gates 5-03-2011

Nivel: Intermedio-Alto (B2) y Avanzado (C1)

Vea el video y conteste a las preguntas. Se trata de una entrevista a Bill Gates en la que nos ofrece su punto de vista respecto a la crisis económica y sobre cómo podemos cambiar la dirección del capitalismo actual para atender las necesidades de los pobres.


1. What is “Creative Capitalism”? (0:20)

2. What two primal human impulses does “Creative Capitalism” mix? (1:16)

3. Why does market failure exist (e.g Malaria and Baldness)? (1:55)

4. When you look at the needs of these poorer consumers, what two things might you discover? (2:20)

5. What is the change that Bill sees with young people today and what they want to think about their company? (3:09)

6. Why would Bill gates rank companies? (3:45)

7. What is the overall balance of capitalism for Bill Gates?

8. How many more people are now working in Clean Energy compared to 10 years ago? (4:22)


1. Creative Capitalism is about using the innovation power and resources of large companies to focus on the needs of the poorest.

2. Self interest and the desire to help others

3. Because those consumers interested in baldness products speak have a louder economic voice than those consumers interested in malaria.

4. Cost breakthroughs and high scale

5. Young people want to work for companies who are socially responsible and are a positive agent for change.

6. So talented young people are more attracted to socially responsible companies.

7. The overall balance has been good in terms of total employment and innovation but it has problems of imbalances.

8. 20 times more people.

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