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One thing most of us share in common is that we are often short of time. Learning vocabulary can be a time consuming process. You have to sit down, open up your book, write the words on a sheet, turn the sheet over, try and memorize the words and then test yourself again and again. It would be no understatement to say it is one of the least enjoyable elements of language learning. If you are short for time and find your current vocabulary learning techniques boring and ineffective, then I strongly advise you take a look at the following:

Go to and download a FREE copy of this wonderful piece of software!

ANKI is a program which makes remembering things easy. It is considerably more efficient than traditional study methods and you can greatly decrease the time you spend studying or the amount you learn, should you want to keep your study time the same.

I won’t explain all of the features of ANKI, because you can read that on the website, but I have created some brief steps below which you can follow to get started quickly!

1. Download a free copy of ANKI from

2. Install the software and start the program.

3.(Click on images to enlarge)












Please note that the screenshots above are just a quick guide for getting started! The benefits of using this simple piece of software are enormous. Firstly, you save incredible amounts of time, as you don’t have to write the words down (however, if you, like me, do like writing words down, you can change the options so that you have to type the answer!) and you are only tested regularly on the words that you quite often get wrong.

Why do I use ANKI?

- ANKI saves me time

- ANKI allows me to organise my vocabulary into decks

- ANKI is free

- ANKI is portable

- ANKI allows me to learn more and learn 10 times faster

Andrew McDermott

Profesor de Inglés Imprimir

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