¿Cómo se dice "pasear"?


How can I use the word "pasear", for instance "Te invito a pasear" or "voy a pasear al malecón". I know words as "to walk" or "turn around", but I want to clear this doubt. please correct me if my English is wrong. Just I'm trying to improve with your knowledge and practicing, practicing and practicing. I'm 50, and I stared when I was 48, but I thought I'm going to learn it, so every day I learn a new words. You know what? To learn some language help your brain for to stop a natural aging. On this way I found this very good web. Thanks, see you next time.

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Responde nuestra colaboradora, Mariela Starc.

Good for you,! As the idiom goes, "Practice makes perfect" which means that the more you practice, the better you will become.

You can say: go for a walk (pasear), go for a stroll (pasear), take a walk around (pasear por) NOT "turn around" which means dar/darse la vuelta, that is, "cambiar de dirección", go out for a walk (salir a pasear/ salir de paseo). You can also take somebody for a walk (sacar a alguien a pasear). And when you’re visiting a place as a tourist, you can go sightseeing (hacer turismo).


  • Let’s go out for a walk. Vayamos de paseo/ Te invito a dar un paseo.

  • Mary takes her dog for a walk every day. Mary saca a pasear a su perro todos los días.

  • What about taking a walk around the city? ¿Qué tal si paseamos por la ciudad?

  • Definitely, learning languages is an excellent exercise for the brain. I couldn't agree more! So, keep up the good work!

    Rgds, Mariela

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    Anónimo dijo...

    aqui tengo otro ejemplo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSBLY2Lfsy0

    Esta bien?

    Mónica dijo...

    Sí, es correcto.

    a stroll= una paseo

    To stroll = dar un paseo

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