Unit 8 Level 3 (Upper intermediate- Advanced) Irregular verbs

So you think you already know the irregular verbs. Let's see if it's true.

1) Watch this video.
Do you know all these verbs? If you have trouble saying them, please go to level 2 to review a little bit.

2) Practice some more here.

3) More practice now with a song.

4) And another song.

Remember: If you can't watch these videos, you can convert them into mp3 files using this program. You can also use this page. All you have to do is to copy and paste the video url into the box.

5) Now it's your duty to practice with your language exchange as many irregular verbs as possible. Use verbs you have just learned. Remember: Make sentences and repeat them aloud.

6) Now let's learn some vocabulary with The Economist. Choose 10 word you don't know from this text, find their meaning, and make 3 sentences with each, then check on the internet if there are similar sentences on native speakers' sites.

Remember: Always listen to the sound of the new word first. Never learn new words just by reading! You can use Howjsay to learn how the words sound.

7) Listen and read this story. You should learn all the vocabulary and practice pronunciation. And, for the most daring, read this article from The Economist.

8) Finally, write a short story about yourself using irregular verbs. You can check these short story tips Remember: Check your sentences by comparing them to native speakers' sentences on the internet.

If you have done all the exercises, then you've scored a 10! Congratulations!

Business English Section: brought to you by "The Practice Office". Why sorry is a difficult word to say, by Christopher Wright

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