Unit 47 Level 3 (Upper Intermediate - Advanced) Who, That & Which

A relative clause is a subordinate clause which functions as a modifier of a noun phrase. Within a larger sentence, a relative clause is marked by the so-called “relative pronouns”

In this week’s lesson, we are going to review the use of three of these pronouns: “which”, “that” and “who”, together with some special structures which are interesting to analyze.

1) Let’s get started. Do you know what a “reduced relative clause” is? Pay attention to the following video.

2) Listen and read some theory in English about the differences between “which” and “that” here.

If you want to read a tutorial about “reduced relative clauses”, don’t miss this site.

3) Translate the following sentences into English:

a) Todos estos artículos, escritos hace varios años, no han sido nunca publicados.

b) También existe un claustro de estilo renacentista, que era el antiguo patio de armas de la fortaleza.

c) El Comité solicitó a los participantes que habían sido consultados que presentasen sus comentarios por escrito.

d) No obstante, prevemos dos problemas para los cuales será necesario encontrar soluciones.

e) El periódico en el que se publicó originalmente el artículo será demandado por libelo.

4) Use the sentences from the above exercises to practice with your language exchange. Don’t you have one yet? Click here

5) It’s essential to practice listening if you want to gain English speaking skills. Let’s do it!

Exercise 1 (click on “expert”)

Exercise 2

6) Now let's learn some vocabulary with The Economist. Choose 15 words you don't know from the following text, find their meaning, and make 5 sentences with each. Then, check on the internet if there are similar sentences on native speakers' sites.

7) Listen and read this story from BBC Learning English. You should learn all the vocabulary and practice pronunciation.

8) Finally, write a short paragraph (about 120 words) using sentences similar to those form the exercises above. Remember: Check your sentences by comparing them to native speakers' sentences on the internet.

If you have done all the exercises, then you've scored a 10! Well done!

* * * * *

Key to exercise 4:

a) All these articles, which were written several years ago, have never been published.

b) There is also a Renaissance cloister, which was previously the old parade ground of the fortress.

c) The Committee called on the participants who had been consulted to submit their comments in writing.

d) We nonetheless foresee two problems for which solutions will need to be found.

e) The newspaper in which the article was originally published will be sued for libel.

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