Ejercicio Reading IELTS- Sydney's Hidden Treasures

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Kaplan ha preparado para nuestro curso IELTS este ejercicio de Reading del IELTS.

Hay dos tipos de ejercicios.

En el primero ejercicio, deberás ver la correspondencia entre la afirmación (números 1 a 8) y el tipo de tienda  (A-E) a que se refiere.

En segundo ejercico, deberás decir si las afirmaciones concuerdan con la opinión del autor, o no aparece en el texto.

Recuerda que al leer debes buscar "palabras o expresiones claves" que te den el sentido del texto.

Las respuestas a los ejercicios las encontrarás más abajo.

 READING PASSAGE. 2. Sydney's Hidden Treasures

Best known for its bridge and opera house, Sydney is also home to a treasure trove of independent bookshops. Although hard to find, located as they are in obscure back alleys, it is worth the effort as their contents are nothing less than fascinating. Whatever your interests, there is a store for you.

Delgado’s is a family run shop which has been in the Old Town for over a century. It has an eclectic mix of books which range from modern day classics to more obscure titles which tend to be hard to find elsewhere. All the books are reasonably priced and if you are looking for something in particular, they have a book search service which is second to none. Even if you don’t have a particular book in mind, it’s very easy to lose a few hours browsing through the titles on offer.

A more specialist shop is Witness which can be found in the Tramyard. They are experts in military memorabilia so they don’t just stock books. Despite the shop itself being quite small, they have managed to organise it into different sections which makes shopping there relatively easy. They have a wide range of books which cover the majority of skirmishes over the centuries so this is an excellent place to start military history.

Montrose Avenue is closer to a modern day bookshop but is still independent and houses a varied collection of titles. However, do not expect to find the latest bestsellers there. In keeping with its independent status, Montrose Avenue does not hold titles from the major publishing houses. Instead, it’s an outlet for the smaller publishers and shows that there is a lot of undiscovered talent out there. To aid choosing, there are a number of very comfortable sofas dotted around the place where you can dip into a book that has caught your eye before you buy it.

The Fish Market may not seem like an obvious place for a bookshop yet tucked away amongst the boutiques is Buckleys, quite possibly Australia’s finest collection of music writing. Here you can find books, magazines and articles from the last fifty years of music journalism. The stock is always changing and they encourage their customers to bring in material for assessment. They pay cash and you may be surprised at what they are interested in buying. Everything is catalogued on a searchable database which means that if you are looking for a particular artist or writer, it is easy to locate related materials.

The final shop is probably the most magical. Sugar specialise in children’s literature and in particular, first editions. Although these are naturally not cheap, they make an excellent investment and a unique present. Also worth noting is that they have a collection of illustrations from various books. Although they are not for sale, it is fascinating to study the original artwork and is a real slice of history.

 Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone and, with a little perseverance, new interests can be found.


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Question 1

Look at the following information and the list of shops below.

Match each description with a shop in the passage.


Which shop:

1. Sells things other than books?

2. Has been open for more than 100 years?

3. Doesn’t sell books from major publishers?

4. Specialises in music-related writing?

5. Has a collection of book-related art? 

6. Sells unusual books?

7.Buys and sells books?

8. Has a reading area?



Question 2

Question text

Do the following statements agree with the writer’s opinion in Reading Passage 2?

YES – the statement agrees with the writer

NO – the statement does not agree with the writer

NOT GIVEN – the writer does not express an opinion on this

9. There are a lot of good unknown writers.

10. It’s difficult to shop at Witness because it’s small. 

11. Sugar is the best place to buy illustrations. 

12. The independent bookshop is expensive.

13. Buckley’s pay good prices for books.

14. People can expand their reading tastes through these shops.


Question 1

1. E
2. A
3. D
4. B
5. C
6. A
7. B
8. D


Question 2

9. Yes
10. No
11. No
12. No
12. Not given
13. Not given
14. Yes Imprimir

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