Unit 4 Level 3 (Upper intermediate-Advanced) The Present Tense - Prepositions

The Simple Present Tense Review

Do you know what is important to remember about "The Simple Present Tense"?

Two things:

-You shouldn't use the "Present Tense" to talk about now.
-You shouldn't use the "Present Tense" to talk about the future (although there some exceptions).


You shouldn't say:

-I work now.

You should say:
-I'm working now.

You shouldn't say:
-I send you this document.

You should say:
-I'll send you this document or I'm going to send you this document.

And, why do you make these mistakes? Because your brain is used to translating from Spanish.

If you didn't know these rules, please go back to level 2 and review them.

Now, please listen to this song about "The Present Tense". Here you have the lyrics, which will help you to learn vocabulary (with the right pronunciation).

Compare the use of the Present Tense with the use of the Present Continuous in the song. Answer these questions: What's the message of this song? Do you agree with the writer's opinion? Do you think we should live in the present tense? Why? why not? (Thanks Virginia Gruart!)

In this lesson we will also study prepositions inside out. Do you know what "inside out" means? It means that you have to learn them very well. It's no joke.

So you will have to memorize sentences with different prepositions. In order to do so, you are going to watch many videos and listen to audios.

1) Remember that prepositions are an excuse to have you listening to English as many hours as possible, and of course you are going to learn about prepositions anyway.

video 1
video 2
video 3


video Part I)
video (Part II)

Más vídeos:

video in, on, at (Rebecca)

video (British English)

video (Prepositions of place) ¡Muy bueno!

video (on)

video (at)

Listenings and worksheets

2) If you still don't have a language exchange to practice prepositions, you must repeat the sentences you have learned by watching the above videos hundreds of times.

3) Now, it's time to check if you really know how to use the prepositions .


ejercicios 1

ejercicios 2


ejercicios 1

ejercicios 2

ejercicios 1

ejercicios 2


ejercicios 1
ejercicios 2

Finally, to review all the theory about prepositions check this page. (Very recommended!)

4) It's time to learn more vocabulary. Do you know the 3000 most commonly used words in the English language? You can start learning them right now.

5) Listen and read this story. You should learn all the vocabulary and practice pronunciation. And, for the most daring, read this article from The Economist.

6) Finally, do this writing exercise.

Business section:

On our business section "Cómo ahorrar tiempo al utilizar inglés de negocios", brought to you by The Practice office.

If you have done all the exercises, then you've scored a 10! Congratulations! Imprimir

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