Unit 43 Level 3 (Upper Intermediate - Advanced) Even Though, Even If, Even So

In this week’s lesson we are going to review the differences among three expressions containing the word “even”: “even though” (which is similar in meaning to “although” and “in spite of the fact that”), “even if” (which is used to convey that a possible situation would not prevent something else from being true) an “even so”, a prepositional phrase which means “however”.

1) As we usually do, let’s start by watching a video.

2) Now, it’s time to read some theory here and here. Once again, notice that “even though” and “even if” are not interchangeable.

3) You must put into practice what you have learnt, so, let’s get down to it.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

4) Translate the following sentences into English:

a) A pesar de que hizo mucho frío, lo pasé muy bien en compañía de algunos viejos amigos.

b) En cualquier caso, aún cuando a una persona le sea denegado el estatus de refugiado, siempre podrá solicitar la residencia basándose en otros motivos

c) La simplicidad de esta técnica implica algunas restricciones. Pero, aún así, ha demostrado ser muy útil

d) De manera que, aún siendo bastante más caro, es un móvil mejor en relación con otros del mismo tipo.

e) Lo que gano con mi sueldo apenas me permite cubrir gastos.

5) Now, try this dictation exercise. Click on “expert”

6) Vocabulary. Extract all the words you don't know from this article from Newsweek Magazine titled “The Next Space Race”. Look the new words up in an English-English dictionary like this one.

7) Use the sentences from the above exercises and videos to practice with your language exchange. Haven't you found a language exchange yet? You should do it right now! Go to Busuu or Verbling. Come on!

8) Listen and read this story. You should learn all the vocabulary and practice pronunciation. And, for the most daring, read this article from The Economist.

9) Finally, write a story of about 200/250 words using the structures you have learnt in this unit. Suggestion: Ask your language exchange to write a similar story in Spanish and then correct each other's writings. You can use examples from the videos and exercises above.

If you have done all the exercises, then you've scored a 10! Congratulations!

There’s more yet to come next week!


Key to exercise 4.

a) Even though it was extremely cold I had a great time in the company of some old friends.

b) In any case, even if a person is denied refugee status, they could still apply for residency on a number of other grounds.

c) The simplicity of this technique implies some restrictions. But even so it has proved to be very useful

d) So,even though it's quite more expensive, it is a better cell phone relative to others of its type.

e) What I get from my salary scarcely allows me to break even

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